Restock May 31 2:00 pm PT Patrons - 3pm public
Restock May 31 2:00 pm PT Patrons - 3pm public
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Why don't you have anything in stock? 

  • I'm a single person making dice as a hobby and thus, the demand is greater than what I can supply. If you're viewing the site just before a sale date, I will list all items as "out of stock" so that they can be viewed, but can not be purchased. If you're viewing the site after a sale date, chances are the items have all sold. 

When is your next sale?

  • Undecided at the moment! I will announce on Instagram @dreamy_dice and on the main page here whenever I know the sale date and time. 

Do you make repeat sets? 

  • At the moment, no. Chances are if I made a set and it sold, I will not repeat the set for some time. I'm currently enjoying the making process and am more interested in trying new things than repeating designs I've already made. 

Well then can I commission a set? 

  • Sorry, I don't take commissions at the moment.

Do you accept returns?

  • No. I am a single person running Dreamy Dice and am not in the position at the moment to offer returns due to a change in heart.  If there is a problem with an item, just as damage during transport, please contact me and we will work something out! You can read more about this in my "disclaimer" found in the footer.

How many people work at Dreamy Dice? 

  • It's just me, myself and I. I'm a one woman show. Check out my "about" page, the link is in the footer!

Where are you located/where do dice ship from?

  • I'm located in Southern California so dice will ship from here! 

How do you ship?

  • I ship USPS in a padded envelope. 

Why are your dice so expensive? 

  • They're not! I price my dice at the market rate for handmade, artisan sets or singles. Please understand that handmade dice take a huge amount of time, effort, energy and experience to produce. Additionally, handmade dice are little pieces of art and should be considered such. 

Are they balanced?

  • Unless otherwise stated in the description/title, yes. My dice are balanced well enough for any casual gaming. Now, if you want dice for high stakes gambling, this is not the place to get them. But if you're just rolling dice with some friends, these are balanced. 

Are they perfect? 

  • They're as perfect as I can get them. That being said, I am just one person doing everything by hand, not a machine in a factory, so they are prone to variation, minor scuffs, sanding lines, etc. I do my best to photograph each item extensively and disclose any marks or flaws that I have found in the sets/singles so that you, the buyer, know exactly what you're getting.