Restock March 30 / 11am Patrons / 12pm public
Restock March 30 / 11am Patrons / 12pm public
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Hello friends! My name is Tess and I'm the solo act behind Dreamy Dice!

I'm a 24 year old graduate student living in California. I began dipping my toes into dice making May 2020 when I was home and bored during the quarantine. Since then, I've absolutely fallen in love with the craft and it's become a part of my daily routine! 

When you buy from or communicate with Dreamy Dice, I'm the only person you'll be interacting with. I do everything here from sanding masters, to making molds, to pouring dice, sanding, polishing, photographing, posting and answering questions. 

The easiest way to contact me for any questions is through my Instagram @dreamy_dice for any questions. I hope you enjoy the dice and thanks for coming along this journey with me!